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New Arrivals

We are excited to share our new season collection, Solace.

Our collections are in some ways a translation of our current mood. We have an intuitive need to stop and reflect, to escape from complication and from darkness. 

In our own quiet way, at ELK we are drawing on our creativity to find light in a rapidly transforming world. We seek a feeling of being together, searching for real values, for comfort, for things that really mean something - for solace. 

We translated these contrasts into prints that have a connection to a powerful landscape and through designs punctuated with sharp bolts of colour; vibrant greens, deep blues and pinks.

Chunky, enveloping knitwear satisfies our longing for comfort and warmth and structured fabrics, flowing hemlines and metallic highlights add a feminine softness.  

Browse our new season arrivals to discover our latest collection. Designed in Melbourne, Australia, our designs are handmade all around the world using specialised materials crafted by experienced artisans. We offer a complete head to toe wardrobe solution with a wide selection including jewelry, clothing, leather handbags, wallets and shoes. Our Essentials collection is our edit of your favourites which we replenish throughout the year so your must-have pieces whether apparel, handbags, jewelry or footwear are constantly back in stock so you never have to miss out! We create everything to be wearable, unique and instantly recognisable to bring you an aesthetic of stylish simplicity.

Tokyo Flatform Quick Shop

Tokyo Flatform

Ripple Box Top Quick Shop

Ripple Box Top

Black Terra Peep Toe Boot Quick Shop

Black Terra Peep Toe Boot

Tan Terra Peep Toe Boot Quick Shop

Tan Terra Peep Toe Boot

White Reise Sneaker Quick Shop

White Reise Sneaker

Rose Gold Reise Sneaker Quick Shop

Rose Gold Reise Sneaker

Powder Point Sneaker Quick Shop

Powder Point Sneaker

Black Point Sneaker Quick Shop

Black Point Sneaker

Vent Short Necklace Quick Shop

Vent Short Necklace

Vent Long Necklace Quick Shop

Vent Long Necklace

Whirl Pendant Necklace Quick Shop

Whirl Pendant Necklace

Cluster Short Necklace Quick Shop

Cluster Short Necklace

Speckle Short Necklace Quick Shop

Speckle Short Necklace

Tempest Fine Necklace Quick Shop

Tempest Fine Necklace

Boulder Pendant Necklace Quick Shop

Boulder Pendant Necklace

Engrave Necklace Quick Shop

Engrave Necklace

Fan Long Necklace Quick Shop

Fan Long Necklace

Halla Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Halla Resin Necklace

Shape Pendant Necklace Quick Shop

Shape Pendant Necklace

Plage Tailored Shirt Quick Shop

Plage Tailored Shirt

Rain Long Necklace Quick Shop

Rain Long Necklace

Leimah Short Necklace Quick Shop

Leimah Short Necklace

Rain Pendant Necklace Quick Shop

Rain Pendant Necklace

Fan Pendant Necklace Quick Shop

Fan Pendant Necklace

Flare Station Necklace Quick Shop

Flare Station Necklace

Velvet Mix Necklace Quick Shop

Velvet Mix Necklace

Boulder Long Sleeve Dress Quick Shop

Boulder Long Sleeve Dress

Wai Wooden Necklace Quick Shop

Wai Wooden Necklace

Blue Chale Woolen Wrap Quick Shop

Blue Chale Woolen Wrap

Black Chale Woolen Wrap Quick Shop

Black Chale Woolen Wrap

Formation Dress Quick Shop

Formation Dress

Boulder Print Jumpsuit Quick Shop

Boulder Print Jumpsuit

Black Boulder Jumpsuit Quick Shop

Black Boulder Jumpsuit

Tectonic Shirt Dress Quick Shop

Tectonic Shirt Dress

Arruga Shirt Dress Quick Shop

Arruga Shirt Dress

Water Print Jacket Dress Quick Shop

Water Print Jacket Dress

Shore Shift Dress Quick Shop

Shore Shift Dress

Waterfall Dress Quick Shop

Waterfall Dress

Metallic Droplet Dress Quick Shop

Metallic Droplet Dress

Boulder Long Sleeve Top Quick Shop

Boulder Long Sleeve Top

Black Boulder Top Quick Shop

Black Boulder Top

Arruga Top Quick Shop

Arruga Top

Huru Wool Top Quick Shop

Huru Wool Top

Jaffle Sweater Quick Shop

Jaffle Sweater

Knus V-Neck Sweater Quick Shop

Knus V-Neck Sweater

Ember Poncho Quick Shop

Ember Poncho

Varm Light Sweater Quick Shop

Varm Light Sweater

Suave Cashmere Sweater Quick Shop

Suave Cashmere Sweater

Tectonic Box Top Quick Shop

Tectonic Box Top

Coast Cardigan Quick Shop

Coast Cardigan

Metallic Droplet Top Quick Shop

Metallic Droplet Top

Twist Merino Sweater Quick Shop

Twist Merino Sweater

Vand Denim Box Top Quick Shop

Vand Denim Box Top

Twist Merino Poncho Quick Shop

Twist Merino Poncho

Eldur Cashmere Sweater Quick Shop

Eldur Cashmere Sweater

Drift Long Sleeve Top Quick Shop

Drift Long Sleeve Top

Black Midi Length Jacket Quick Shop

Black Midi Length Jacket

Water Print Box Top Quick Shop

Water Print Box Top

Roche Wide Sleeve Top Quick Shop

Roche Wide Sleeve Top

Har Jacket Quick Shop

Har Jacket

Varm Poncho Quick Shop

Varm Poncho

Brick Cardigan Quick Shop

Brick Cardigan

Reis Tunic Sweater Quick Shop

Reis Tunic Sweater

Formation Print Pant Quick Shop

Formation Print Pant

Wrap Pant Quick Shop

Wrap Pant

Boulder Print Skirt Quick Shop

Boulder Print Skirt

Tectonic Drawstring Skirt Quick Shop

Tectonic Drawstring Skirt

Ripple Fabric Midi Skirt Quick Shop

Ripple Fabric Midi Skirt

Jorden Denim Jean Quick Shop

Jorden Denim Jean

Brick Scarf Quick Shop

Brick Scarf

Coast Winter Scarf Quick Shop

Coast Winter Scarf

Whirl Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Whirl Stud Earrings

Speckle Hoop Earrings Quick Shop

Speckle Hoop Earrings

Shape Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Shape Stud Earrings

Boulder Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Boulder Stud Earrings

Flare Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Flare Stud Earrings

Wai Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Wai Stud Earrings

Velvet Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Velvet Stud Earrings

Rain Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Rain Stud Earrings

Rain Hoop Earrings Quick Shop

Rain Hoop Earrings

Orbit Earrings Quick Shop

Orbit Earrings

Leimah Earrings Quick Shop

Leimah Earrings

Whirl Small Bangle Quick Shop

Whirl Small Bangle

Speckle Bracelet Quick Shop

Speckle Bracelet

Marbled Resin Bangle Quick Shop

Marbled Resin Bangle

Gronholt Pouch Bag Quick Shop

Gronholt Pouch Bag

Malov Leather Backpack Quick Shop

Malov Leather Backpack

Torup Small Bag Quick Shop

Torup Small Bag

Torup Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Torup Leather Wallet

Saunte Coin Pouch Quick Shop

Saunte Coin Pouch

Torup Handle Bag Quick Shop

Torup Handle Bag

Vesko Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Vesko Leather Wallet

Saunte Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Saunte Leather Wallet

Saunte Passport Wallet Quick Shop

Saunte Passport Wallet

Saunte Small Handbag Quick Shop

Saunte Small Handbag

Saunte Overnight Bag Quick Shop

Saunte Overnight Bag

Vesko Small Handbag Quick Shop

Vesko Small Handbag

Gronholt Small Bag Quick Shop

Gronholt Small Bag

Vesko Large Handbag Quick Shop

Vesko Large Handbag

Gronholt Small Wallet Quick Shop

Gronholt Small Wallet

Malov Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Malov Leather Wallet

Malov Small Bag Quick Shop

Malov Small Bag

Fulby Large Leather Tote Quick Shop

Fulby Large Leather Tote

Esrum Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Esrum Leather Wallet

Esrum Large Handbag Quick Shop

Esrum Large Handbag

Esrum Small Handbag Quick Shop

Esrum Small Handbag

Holte Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Holte Leather Wallet

Holte Bucket Handbag Quick Shop

Holte Bucket Handbag

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