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New Arrivals

We are excited to share our new season collection MUSE.

Inspired by pioneering creative women who in their time challenged art to move in new directions. Their intention, like ours is today, was to move forward, to progress and to develop not only their craft but not settle for the norm. Together they are our MUSE. Discover our new season arrivals. Designed in Melbourne, Australia, our designs are handmade all around the world using specialised materials crafted by experienced artisans. We offer a complete head to toe wardrobe solution with a wide selection including jewellery, clothing, leather handbags, wallets and shoes. 

Browse our new season arrivals to discover our latest collection. Designed in Melbourne, Australia, our designs are handmade all around the world using specialised materials crafted by experienced artisans. We offer a complete head to toe wardrobe solution with a wide selection including jewelry, clothing, leather handbags, wallets and shoes. Our Essentials collection is our edit of your favourites which we replenish throughout the year so your must-have pieces whether apparel, handbags, jewelry or footwear are constantly back in stock so you never have to miss out! We create everything to be wearable, unique and instantly recognisable to bring you an aesthetic of stylish simplicity.

White Flack Sneakers Quick Shop

White Flack Sneakers

Black Flack Sneakers Quick Shop

Black Flack Sneakers

Gold Nord Flats Quick Shop

Gold Nord Flats

Black Nord Flats Quick Shop

Black Nord Flats

Silver Nord Flats Quick Shop

Silver Nord Flats

Trad Platform Sandal Quick Shop

Trad Platform Sandal

Arla Black Sandals Quick Shop

Arla Black Sandals

White Dia Slide Sandal Quick Shop

White Dia Slide Sandal

Black Dia Slide Sandal Quick Shop

Black Dia Slide Sandal

U Pendant Quick Shop

U Pendant

Ombre Tassel Pendant Quick Shop

Ombre Tassel Pendant

Oval Bead Long Necklace Quick Shop

Oval Bead Long Necklace

Rope Disc Half Necklace Quick Shop

Rope Disc Half Necklace

Wooden Wedge Necklace Quick Shop

Wooden Wedge Necklace

Wooden Pulse Necklace Quick Shop

Wooden Pulse Necklace

Ombre Long Wood Necklace Quick Shop

Ombre Long Wood Necklace

Ombre Short Wood Necklace Quick Shop

Ombre Short Wood Necklace

Cog Short Necklace Quick Shop

Cog Short Necklace

Cog Long Necklace Quick Shop

Cog Long Necklace

Wooden Cylinder Necklace Quick Shop

Wooden Cylinder Necklace

Rope Disc Long Necklace Quick Shop

Rope Disc Long Necklace

Long Pinch Bead Necklace Quick Shop

Long Pinch Bead Necklace

Forsyth Metallic Pendant Quick Shop

Forsyth Metallic Pendant

Oval Bead Pendant Quick Shop

Oval Bead Pendant

Agnes Prism Long Necklace Quick Shop

Agnes Prism Long Necklace

Oval Bead Short Necklace Quick Shop

Oval Bead Short Necklace

Long Stone Arc Pendant Quick Shop

Long Stone Arc Pendant

Marbled Stud Long Pendant Quick Shop

Marbled Stud Long Pendant

Agnes Beaded Pendant Quick Shop

Agnes Beaded Pendant

Painterly Resin Pendant Quick Shop

Painterly Resin Pendant

Wooden Cylinder Pendant Quick Shop

Wooden Cylinder Pendant

Faceted Bar Necklace Quick Shop

Faceted Bar Necklace

Twisted Ombre Necklace Quick Shop

Twisted Ombre Necklace

Pinch Bead Multi Necklace Quick Shop

Pinch Bead Multi Necklace

Rope Disc Midi Necklace Quick Shop

Rope Disc Midi Necklace

Nevelson Wooden Pendant Quick Shop

Nevelson Wooden Pendant

Cork Mix Necklace Quick Shop

Cork Mix Necklace

Short Stone Arc Necklace Quick Shop

Short Stone Arc Necklace

Speckle Bar Necklace Quick Shop

Speckle Bar Necklace

Marbled Short Necklace Quick Shop

Marbled Short Necklace

Metal Fine Bar Necklace Quick Shop

Metal Fine Bar Necklace

Agnes Prism Pendant Quick Shop

Agnes Prism Pendant

Multi Northern Bikini Top Quick Shop

Multi Northern Bikini Top

Multi Bikini Bottom Quick Shop

Multi Bikini Bottom

Mono Northern Bikini Top Quick Shop

Mono Northern Bikini Top

Mono Bikini Bottom Quick Shop

Mono Bikini Bottom

Northern Sleeved Swimsuit Quick Shop

Northern Sleeved Swimsuit

Multi Northern Swimsuit Quick Shop

Multi Northern Swimsuit

Mono Northern Swimsuit Quick Shop

Mono Northern Swimsuit

Northern Rashie Quick Shop

Northern Rashie

Agnes Relaxed Top Quick Shop

Agnes Relaxed Top

Nevelson Tank Top Quick Shop

Nevelson Tank Top

Frankenthaler Silk Tank Quick Shop

Frankenthaler Silk Tank

Linen Box Top Quick Shop

Linen Box Top

V Neck Tank Quick Shop

V Neck Tank

Agnes Print V Neck Tank Quick Shop

Agnes Print V Neck Tank

Fine Slub Cotton Tee Quick Shop

Fine Slub Cotton Tee

Tulip Sleeve Top Quick Shop

Tulip Sleeve Top

Fine Pleat Top Quick Shop

Fine Pleat Top

Louise Broderie Top Quick Shop

Louise Broderie Top

Nevelson Print Tee Quick Shop

Nevelson Print Tee

Sheer Grid Top Quick Shop

Sheer Grid Top

V Neck Levels Top Quick Shop

V Neck Levels Top

Northern V Neck Tank Quick Shop

Northern V Neck Tank

Agnes Print Relaxed Top Quick Shop

Agnes Print Relaxed Top

Roll Cuff Tee Quick Shop

Roll Cuff Tee

Speckled Cuff Sweater Quick Shop

Speckled Cuff Sweater

Forsyth Box Top Quick Shop

Forsyth Box Top

Arc Silk Tank Quick Shop

Arc Silk Tank

Classic A-Line Tee Quick Shop

Classic A-Line Tee

Frankenthaler Silk Top Quick Shop

Frankenthaler Silk Top

White Tailored Shirt Quick Shop

White Tailored Shirt

Linen Tunic Tank Quick Shop

Linen Tunic Tank

Black Box Top Quick Shop

Black Box Top

Arc Silk Top Quick Shop

Arc Silk Top

Black Shift Dress Quick Shop

Black Shift Dress

Linen Shift Dress Quick Shop

Linen Shift Dress

Semi Sheer Maxi Kaftan Quick Shop

Semi Sheer Maxi Kaftan

Forsyth Shift Dress Quick Shop

Forsyth Shift Dress

Frankenthaler Silk Dress Quick Shop

Frankenthaler Silk Dress

Arc Silk Dress Quick Shop

Arc Silk Dress

Louise Broderie Dress Quick Shop

Louise Broderie Dress

Roll Cuff Jersey Dress Quick Shop

Roll Cuff Jersey Dress

Tulip Sleeve Dress Quick Shop

Tulip Sleeve Dress

Speckled Denim Maxi Dress Quick Shop

Speckled Denim Maxi Dress

Nevelson Maxi Dress Quick Shop

Nevelson Maxi Dress

Northern Fold Maxi Dress Quick Shop

Northern Fold Maxi Dress

Summer Maxi Dress Quick Shop

Summer Maxi Dress

Speckle Denim Trench Coat Quick Shop

Speckle Denim Trench Coat

Black Wide Leg Jumpsuit Quick Shop

Black Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Cross Back Overalls Quick Shop

Cross Back Overalls

Wide Leg Culottes Quick Shop

Wide Leg Culottes

Linen Pants Quick Shop

Linen Pants

Classic Sash Pants Quick Shop

Classic Sash Pants

Straight Denim Skirt Quick Shop

Straight Denim Skirt

Northern Print Maxi Skirt Quick Shop

Northern Print Maxi Skirt

Speckled Denim Shorts Quick Shop

Speckled Denim Shorts

Mono Print Maxi Skirt Quick Shop

Mono Print Maxi Skirt

Flack Leather Purse Quick Shop

Flack Leather Purse

Hetta Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Hetta Leather Wallet

Bole Tassel Bag Quick Shop

Bole Tassel Bag

Soren Small Bag Quick Shop

Soren Small Bag

Hetta Leather Backpack Quick Shop

Hetta Leather Backpack

Triple City Leather Bag Quick Shop

Triple City Leather Bag

Ollie Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Ollie Leather Wallet

Ollie Tote Bag Quick Shop

Ollie Tote Bag

Boble Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Boble Large Leather Bag

Trondheim Leather Bag Quick Shop

Trondheim Leather Bag

Boble Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Boble Leather Wallet

Trondheim Wallet Quick Shop

Trondheim Wallet

Drawstring Denim Backpack Quick Shop

Drawstring Denim Backpack

Taska Carryall Bag Quick Shop

Taska Carryall Bag

Flack Small Bag Quick Shop

Flack Small Bag

Boble Small Leather Bag Quick Shop

Boble Small Leather Bag

Soren Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Soren Leather Wallet

Hoston Bucket Bag Quick Shop

Hoston Bucket Bag

Kurva Messenger Bag Quick Shop

Kurva Messenger Bag

Soren Tote Bag Quick Shop

Soren Tote Bag

Denim Agnes Bag Quick Shop

Denim Agnes Bag

Olbu Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Olbu Leather Wallet

Budal Travel Wallet Quick Shop

Budal Travel Wallet

Olbu Backpack Quick Shop

Olbu Backpack

Olbu Leather Card Holder Quick Shop

Olbu Leather Card Holder

Lovon Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Lovon Leather Wallet

Olbu Toiletry Bag Quick Shop

Olbu Toiletry Bag

Olbu Duffle Bag Quick Shop

Olbu Duffle Bag

Budal Toiletry Bag Quick Shop

Budal Toiletry Bag

Lovon Leather Card Holder Quick Shop

Lovon Leather Card Holder

Budal Messenger Bag Quick Shop

Budal Messenger Bag

Budal Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Budal Leather Wallet

Bara Toiletries Bag Quick Shop

Bara Toiletries Bag

Bara Drawstring Bag Quick Shop

Bara Drawstring Bag

Stud Earring Set Quick Shop

Stud Earring Set

Wood Chip Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Wood Chip Stud Earrings

Agnes Beaded Earrings Quick Shop

Agnes Beaded Earrings

Fine Bar Studs Quick Shop

Fine Bar Studs

Marbled Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Marbled Stud Earrings

Speckle Rod Studs Quick Shop

Speckle Rod Studs

Cork Finish Studs Quick Shop

Cork Finish Studs

Twisted Drop Earrings Quick Shop

Twisted Drop Earrings

Marbled Stud Bangle Quick Shop

Marbled Stud Bangle

Cork Finish Bangle Quick Shop

Cork Finish Bangle

Champagne Katt Sunglasses Quick Shop

Champagne Katt Sunglasses

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