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New Arrivals

Browse our new arrivals for the season and popular items that have returned. Whether you are looking for jewellery, clothing, leather handbags, wallets or shoes, everything is designed in Melbourne. Our products are handmade all around the world using specialised materials with experienced artisans. We create everything to be wearable, unique and instantly recognisable.


A monument by definition is "enduring evidence or notable examples of something".

We seek influence from outside of the norm, searching for innovative techniques and looking for creative elements that will transcend us from the ordinary into something more extraordinary. Our S16 range encompasses bold colours alongside a more contemporary monochromatic palette with great attention lavished on structure and detail.

Muralla Silk Tank Quick Shop

Muralla Silk Tank

Square Neck Tank Top Quick Shop

Square Neck Tank Top

Fold Back Sleeveless Top Quick Shop

Fold Back Sleeveless Top

Abstract A Line Singlet Quick Shop

Abstract A Line Singlet

Block Striped Tank Quick Shop

Block Striped Tank

Abstract Loose Tee Quick Shop

Abstract Loose Tee

Sheer Collared Shirt Quick Shop

Sheer Collared Shirt

Block Striped Tee Quick Shop

Block Striped Tee

Loose Fit Top Quick Shop

Loose Fit Top

Lightweight Sweater Quick Shop

Lightweight Sweater

Lightweight Knit Quick Shop

Lightweight Knit

Abstract T Shirt Dress Quick Shop

Abstract T Shirt Dress

Kassett Black Dress Quick Shop

Kassett Black Dress

Denim Dress Quick Shop

Denim Dress

Muralla Silk Dress Quick Shop

Muralla Silk Dress

Drawstring Black Dress Quick Shop

Drawstring Black Dress

Semi Sheer Summer Dress Quick Shop

Semi Sheer Summer Dress

3 Way Linen Black Jacket Quick Shop

3 Way Linen Black Jacket

Pleat Front Shorts Quick Shop

Pleat Front Shorts

Duo Fold Midi Skirt Quick Shop

Duo Fold Midi Skirt

Oslo Deep Indigo Jeans Quick Shop

Oslo Deep Indigo Jeans

Drawstring Denim Skirt Quick Shop

Drawstring Denim Skirt

Indigo Denim Cropped Pant Quick Shop

Indigo Denim Cropped Pant

Tied Straight Leg Pants Quick Shop

Tied Straight Leg Pants

Block Striped Dress Quick Shop

Block Striped Dress

Riviera Jumpsuit Quick Shop

Riviera Jumpsuit

Pocket Patch Long Shirt Quick Shop

Pocket Patch Long Shirt

Kassett V Neck Top Quick Shop

Kassett V Neck Top

Fine Line Sheer Silk Top Quick Shop

Fine Line Sheer Silk Top

Angled Seam Cotton Tee Quick Shop

Angled Seam Cotton Tee

Skitse Bamboo Top Quick Shop

Skitse Bamboo Top

Tipped Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Tipped Resin Necklace

Marble Resin Pendant Quick Shop

Marble Resin Pendant

V Wood & Resin Necklace Quick Shop

V Wood & Resin Necklace

Line Up Metal Necklace Quick Shop

Line Up Metal Necklace

Wooden Geometric Necklace Quick Shop

Wooden Geometric Necklace

Duo Polar Wood Necklace Quick Shop

Duo Polar Wood Necklace

Short Arc Metal Necklace Quick Shop

Short Arc Metal Necklace

Resin & Leather Necklace Quick Shop

Resin & Leather Necklace

3 Strand Wood Necklace Quick Shop

3 Strand Wood Necklace

Mariners Frosted Necklace Quick Shop

Mariners Frosted Necklace

Enamel & Metal Necklace Quick Shop

Enamel & Metal Necklace

Frosted Sphere Necklace Quick Shop

Frosted Sphere Necklace

U Shape Rope Necklace Quick Shop

U Shape Rope Necklace

Polar Wooden Necklace Quick Shop

Polar Wooden Necklace

ShapesFimo & Wood Pendant Quick Shop

ShapesFimo & Wood Pendant

Cube Tipped Resin Pendant Quick Shop

Cube Tipped Resin Pendant

Pillow Bead Long Necklace Quick Shop

Pillow Bead Long Necklace

Frosted Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Frosted Resin Necklace

Pillow Bead Wood Necklace Quick Shop

Pillow Bead Wood Necklace

Static Long Necklace Quick Shop

Static Long Necklace

Junction Metal Pendant Quick Shop

Junction Metal Pendant

Marble Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Marble Resin Necklace

Diamond Necklace Quick Shop

Diamond Necklace

Prism Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Prism Resin Necklace

Eclipse Long Necklace Quick Shop

Eclipse Long Necklace

Geometric Wooden Bracelet Quick Shop

Geometric Wooden Bracelet

Facet Diamond Bracelet Quick Shop

Facet Diamond Bracelet

Pillow Bead Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Pillow Bead Stud Earrings

Geometric Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Geometric Stud Earrings

Resin Tipped Wood Earring Quick Shop

Resin Tipped Wood Earring

Arc Metal Earrings Quick Shop

Arc Metal Earrings

Frosted Sphere Earrings Quick Shop

Frosted Sphere Earrings

Ta Wedges Quick Shop

Ta Wedges

Reim Flats Quick Shop

Reim Flats

Vorm Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Vorm Leather Wallet

Alta Sneakers Quick Shop

Alta Sneakers

Vorm Small Messenger Bag Quick Shop

Vorm Small Messenger Bag

Nors Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Nors Leather Wallet

Nors Small Leather Bag Quick Shop

Nors Small Leather Bag

Nors Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Nors Large Leather Bag

Lennik Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Lennik Leather Wallet

Lennik Small Leather Bag Quick Shop

Lennik Small Leather Bag

Lennik Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Lennik Large Leather Bag

Filmu Tri Fold Wallet Quick Shop

Filmu Tri Fold Wallet

Filmu Leather Clutch Quick Shop

Filmu Leather Clutch

Skygge Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Skygge Leather Wallet

Skygge Small Leather Bag Quick Shop

Skygge Small Leather Bag

Skygge Large Bag Quick Shop

Skygge Large Bag

Resa Document Bag Quick Shop

Resa Document Bag

Duren Tri Fold Wallet Quick Shop

Duren Tri Fold Wallet

Duren Leather Tote Bag Quick Shop

Duren Leather Tote Bag

Carre Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Carre Leather Wallet

Carre Leather Backpack Quick Shop

Carre Leather Backpack

Antwerp Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Antwerp Leather Wallet

Olen Dopp Kit Quick Shop

Olen Dopp Kit

Olen Passport Holder Quick Shop

Olen Passport Holder

Olen Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Olen Leather Wallet

Ostend Dopp Kit Quick Shop

Ostend Dopp Kit

Ostend Duffel Bag Quick Shop

Ostend Duffel Bag

Ostend Business Briefcase Quick Shop

Ostend Business Briefcase

Resa Dopp Kit Quick Shop

Resa Dopp Kit

Ostend Document Case Quick Shop

Ostend Document Case

Resa Duffel Bag Quick Shop

Resa Duffel Bag

Resa Card Holder Quick Shop

Resa Card Holder

Resa Leather Wallet Quick Shop

Resa Leather Wallet

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