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Elk Now Stocked - Frances Jaye

We are delighted to share another of our independently owned stockists, hailing from downtown Holland in  Michigan, USA. Jenny Van Veen is the owner of Frances Jaye,  a charming and unique shop that gathers together an eclectic range of clothing, accessories and objects that are made to be loved, worn, held and given.

The name of the store is inspired by people who have played an influential role in Jenny’s life and pays homage to the importance of family and community. The location of the store in downtown Holland, was selected by Jenny due to its appealing and unique feel, thriving independent businesses and a proud local community.

We caught up with Jenny to learn a little more about the inspiration behind Frances Jaye -

What is the one word that describes you the best?
Favourite travel item?
Leather backpack
Sweet or Salty?
Favourite TV show or movie?
Amazing Race and Project Runway
Biggest crush?
Christian Bale
Describe in five words or less your ideal day
Rearranging my apartment
When no one is watching?
I love to watch Disney Vlogs!
What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
CEO of DisneyWorld
Beach holiday or mountain holiday?
Where is on the very top of your travel bucket list?
Always hard to choose, top three are Iceland, Argentina and New Zealand
If you were stranded on an island and could only take one item with you, what would it be?
My boyfriend!
If you could have any 5 people over for dinner who would they be?
Walt Disney, Frida Kahlo, Mark Twain and both of my grandmas
What animal are you?
A cat!
If I’d be a Disney character what would I be?

Peter Pan

Favourite Elk item this season?
I love the Carved Rope Collection and just bought the Carved Rope Pendant in Tangerine

 Thank you!

We are so very delighted that a selection of Elk jewellery and leather is now showcased within Jenny's store , Frances Jaye,  located at 50 E. 8th Street, Holland, MI, 49423. 

Enjoy x

8 April 2016


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