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Elk's Essential Wooden Jewellery Care

Today we are so excited to be able to present to you our newest colour range of essentials! Beautiful basics available in key colours to take you from winter to summer for many years to come. You can view the newest range of Elk Essentials here (hyperlink when page is ready).

What you may not have realised about these pieces is that they have all been constructed using sustainable plantation timber in the Philippines.

All Elk products are designed right here in Melbourne, Australia and our wooden jewellery is then made by hand by a small family run manufacturer using traditional techniques.. The wood is first cut to our designs and sanded, then dyed in large baths of natural dye before being tumbled in a special wax sealant to lock in the rich colours. The wax is non-toxic and gives the piece a lovely finish.

All of our wood is sourced from farms associated with the GoGreen Foundation. GoGreen is a sustainable environmental program aimed at ensuring that all wood harvested and manufactured for the fashion industry is done under strict forest management guidelines. It ensures that all materials used are recyclable, replenished and ensure that no reefs are affected by the harvest of farmed forest. Because of the traditional techniques used in construction, our wooden jewellery will require some care to extend its life and keeping it looking as good as possible.

Our wooden articles will maintain their colour and appearance as long as they are sealed properly and kept dry. Should you accidentally wet the jewellery, milky spots may appear which is due to the waxy outer layer lifting from the bead. To help remove these spots, simply apply a very small amount of natural bees wax or a waxed based furniture polish. Using a clean cloth, gently remove any wax deposits and restore your pieces lovely shine and colour, then gently buff the surface to remove any excess with a dry cloth and leave to set for a few minutes. This process will not only help remove any marks, it will help restore colour and re-seal the beads to protect them for future wear.

Not sure what wax to use? Never fear. We have made some for you!

We now have available natural bees wax in convenient little pots to help you care for your jewellery at home. You can purchase the wax here or simply contact your local Elk stockist to see if they have some in store for you to use.

Perhaps it's time to restore some of your old classics?

30 June 2015


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