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Large Bags
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Large Bags

Functional large bags that can take you from day to day. Hand crafted from buttery soft leather and tough hardwear.

Hetta Leather Backpack Quick Shop

Hetta Leather Backpack

Ollie Tote Bag Quick Shop

Ollie Tote Bag

Boble Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Boble Large Leather Bag

Soren Tote Bag Quick Shop

Soren Tote Bag

Taska Carryall Bag Quick Shop

Taska Carryall Bag

Hoston Bucket Bag Quick Shop

Hoston Bucket Bag

Denim Agnes Bag Quick Shop

Denim Agnes Bag

Oost Leather Bag Quick Shop

Oost Leather Bag

Are Leather Circle Bag Quick Shop

Are Leather Circle Bag

Loen Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Loen Large Leather Bag

Forde Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Forde Large Leather Bag

Forde Leather Backpack Quick Shop

Forde Leather Backpack

Falun Tote Quick Shop

Falun Tote

Tofte Leather Bag Quick Shop

Tofte Leather Bag

Nuoli Large Bag Quick Shop

Nuoli Large Bag

Sala Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Sala Large Leather Bag

Orsa Leather Handbag Quick Shop

Orsa Leather Handbag

Raaka Tote Quick Shop

Raaka Tote

Reika Tote Quick Shop

Reika Tote

Halden Bag Quick Shop

Halden Bag

Las Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Las Large Leather Bag

Lomme Large Bag Quick Shop

Lomme Large Bag

Kurva Shopper Quick Shop

Kurva Shopper

Hamburg Carryall Quick Shop

Hamburg Carryall

Syke Large Bag Quick Shop

Syke Large Bag

Plek Large Bag Quick Shop

Plek Large Bag

Lennik Large Leather Bag Quick Shop

Lennik Large Leather Bag

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