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Elk's jewelry range has been handmade in striking colours that mix and match or work just as well on their own. Wooden and resin necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, and sterling silver pieces have been designed to wear easily and always stand out.

Cubist Resin Pendant Quick Shop

Cubist Resin Pendant

3 Piece Pendant Quick Shop

3 Piece Pendant

U Pendant Quick Shop

U Pendant

Splice Bar Pendant Quick Shop

Splice Bar Pendant

Three Piece Pear Pendant Quick Shop

Three Piece Pear Pendant

Long Tonal Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Long Tonal Resin Necklace

Tapered Long Necklace Quick Shop

Tapered Long Necklace

Pod Resin Pendant Quick Shop

Pod Resin Pendant

Ombre Tassel Pendant Quick Shop

Ombre Tassel Pendant

Oval Bead Long Necklace Quick Shop

Oval Bead Long Necklace

Bar Long Metal Necklace Quick Shop

Bar Long Metal Necklace

Short ResinMetalWood NL Quick Shop

Short ResinMetalWood NL

Art Metal Pendant Quick Shop

Art Metal Pendant

Metal & Resin Pendant Quick Shop

Metal & Resin Pendant

Disc Plate Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Disc Plate Resin Necklace

Palette Wood Pendant Quick Shop

Palette Wood Pendant

Terrazzo Short Necklace Quick Shop

Terrazzo Short Necklace

Metal, Wood & Resin NL Quick Shop

Metal, Wood & Resin NL

Splice Bar Short Necklace Quick Shop

Splice Bar Short Necklace

Roll Bead Chain Pendant Quick Shop

Roll Bead Chain Pendant

Rope Disc Half Necklace Quick Shop

Rope Disc Half Necklace

Wooden Wedge Necklace Quick Shop

Wooden Wedge Necklace

Wooden Pulse Necklace Quick Shop

Wooden Pulse Necklace

Tapered Short Necklace Quick Shop

Tapered Short Necklace

Ombre Long Wood Necklace Quick Shop

Ombre Long Wood Necklace

Tapak & Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Tapak & Resin Necklace

Ombre Short Wood Necklace Quick Shop

Ombre Short Wood Necklace

Cog Short Necklace Quick Shop

Cog Short Necklace

Cog Long Necklace Quick Shop

Cog Long Necklace

Rope Disc Long Necklace Quick Shop

Rope Disc Long Necklace

Long Pinch Bead Necklace Quick Shop

Long Pinch Bead Necklace

Forsyth Metallic Pendant Quick Shop

Forsyth Metallic Pendant

Oval Bead Pendant Quick Shop

Oval Bead Pendant

Wooden Dome Pendant Quick Shop

Wooden Dome Pendant

Flat Round Disc Necklace Quick Shop

Flat Round Disc Necklace

Oval Bead Short Necklace Quick Shop

Oval Bead Short Necklace

Terrazzo Wood Mix Pendant Quick Shop

Terrazzo Wood Mix Pendant

Resin Mix Necklace Quick Shop

Resin Mix Necklace

Long Stone Arc Pendant Quick Shop

Long Stone Arc Pendant

Station Wood Mix Necklace Quick Shop

Station Wood Mix Necklace

Facet Cluster Pendant Quick Shop

Facet Cluster Pendant

Geo Inlay Pendant Quick Shop

Geo Inlay Pendant

Short Dome Necklace Quick Shop

Short Dome Necklace

Wooden Cylinder Pendant Quick Shop

Wooden Cylinder Pendant

Faceted Bar Necklace Quick Shop

Faceted Bar Necklace

$35.00 $49.00
Terrazzo Shapes Pendant Quick Shop

Terrazzo Shapes Pendant

Disc Bead Station Quick Shop

Disc Bead Station

Resin Mix Shapes Necklace Quick Shop

Resin Mix Shapes Necklace

Frosted Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Frosted Resin Necklace

Bird Pendant Quick Shop

Bird Pendant

Bar Short Metal Necklace Quick Shop

Bar Short Metal Necklace

Prism Resin Necklace Quick Shop

Prism Resin Necklace

Twisted Ombre Necklace Quick Shop

Twisted Ombre Necklace

Pinch Bead Multi Necklace Quick Shop

Pinch Bead Multi Necklace

Long Terrazzo Necklace Quick Shop

Long Terrazzo Necklace

Deco Pendant Quick Shop

Deco Pendant

Wooden Geometric Necklace Quick Shop

Wooden Geometric Necklace

Rope Disc Midi Necklace Quick Shop

Rope Disc Midi Necklace

Terrazzo Bar Pendant Quick Shop

Terrazzo Bar Pendant

Static Long Necklace Quick Shop

Static Long Necklace

Simple Bead Necklace Quick Shop

Simple Bead Necklace

Multi Bauble Necklace Quick Shop

Multi Bauble Necklace

Cork Mix Necklace Quick Shop

Cork Mix Necklace

Enamelled Mix Necklace Quick Shop

Enamelled Mix Necklace

Diamond Necklace Quick Shop

Diamond Necklace

Frosted Sphere Necklace Quick Shop

Frosted Sphere Necklace

Yellow Bird Pendant Quick Shop

Yellow Bird Pendant

Facet Nugget Tri Pendant Quick Shop

Facet Nugget Tri Pendant

Facet Plate Necklace Quick Shop

Facet Plate Necklace

Short Arc Metal Necklace Quick Shop

Short Arc Metal Necklace

Layered Wooden Necklace Quick Shop

Layered Wooden Necklace

Multi Disc Wood Necklace Quick Shop

Multi Disc Wood Necklace

6 Row Cluster Necklace Quick Shop

6 Row Cluster Necklace

3 Row Chunky Necklace Quick Shop

3 Row Chunky Necklace

Bullseye Short Necklace Quick Shop

Bullseye Short Necklace

Hexagon Necklace Quick Shop

Hexagon Necklace

Cloud Short Necklace Quick Shop

Cloud Short Necklace

Alp Short Necklace Quick Shop

Alp Short Necklace

Prism Shape Necklace Quick Shop

Prism Shape Necklace

Dot to Dot Short Necklace Quick Shop

Dot to Dot Short Necklace

Short Stone Arc Necklace Quick Shop

Short Stone Arc Necklace

Speckle Bar Necklace Quick Shop

Speckle Bar Necklace

Metal Fine Bar Necklace Quick Shop

Metal Fine Bar Necklace

Stud Earring Set Quick Shop

Stud Earring Set

Wood Chip Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Wood Chip Stud Earrings

Fine Bar Studs Quick Shop

Fine Bar Studs

Speckle Rod Studs Quick Shop

Speckle Rod Studs

Cork Finish Studs Quick Shop

Cork Finish Studs

Twisted Drop Earrings Quick Shop

Twisted Drop Earrings

Geo Inlay Studs Quick Shop

Geo Inlay Studs

Arc Metal Earrings Quick Shop

Arc Metal Earrings

Geometric Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Geometric Stud Earrings

Wooden Nugget Earrings Quick Shop

Wooden Nugget Earrings

Hexagon Stud Quick Shop

Hexagon Stud

Deco Earrings Quick Shop

Deco Earrings

Metallic Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Metallic Stud Earrings

Tapered Metal Studs Quick Shop

Tapered Metal Studs

Frosted Sphere Earrings Quick Shop

Frosted Sphere Earrings

Terrazzo Resin Studs Quick Shop

Terrazzo Resin Studs

Frosted Drop Earrings Quick Shop

Frosted Drop Earrings

Alp Stud Quick Shop

Alp Stud

Wood & Metal Disc Studs Quick Shop

Wood & Metal Disc Studs

Cubist Stud Earring Quick Shop

Cubist Stud Earring

2 Drop Earrings Quick Shop

2 Drop Earrings

3 Drop Disc Earrings Quick Shop

3 Drop Disc Earrings

Dot To Dot Stud Quick Shop

Dot To Dot Stud

Splice Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Splice Stud Earrings

Cloud Studs Quick Shop

Cloud Studs

Prism Studs Quick Shop

Prism Studs

Cube Studs Quick Shop

Cube Studs

Hexagon Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Hexagon Stud Earrings

Pod Resin Stud Earrings Quick Shop

Pod Resin Stud Earrings

Square Wood Earrings Quick Shop

Square Wood Earrings

Deco Ring Quick Shop

Deco Ring

Geometric Wooden Bracelet Quick Shop

Geometric Wooden Bracelet

Marbled Stud Bangle Quick Shop

Marbled Stud Bangle

Facet Diamond Bracelet Quick Shop

Facet Diamond Bracelet

Splice Resin Bangle Quick Shop

Splice Resin Bangle

Roll Resin Bangle Quick Shop

Roll Resin Bangle

Metallic Resin Bangle Quick Shop

Metallic Resin Bangle

Two Tone Bangle Quick Shop

Two Tone Bangle

Flat Round Disc Bracelet Quick Shop

Flat Round Disc Bracelet

Pod Resin Bracelet Quick Shop

Pod Resin Bracelet

Simple Disc Bracelet Quick Shop

Simple Disc Bracelet

Prism Bangle Quick Shop

Prism Bangle

Bird Wood & Metal Brooch Quick Shop

Bird Wood & Metal Brooch

Bird Brooch with Metal Quick Shop

Bird Brooch with Metal

Large Winter Tree NL Quick Shop

Large Winter Tree NL

Small Japanese Blossom NL Quick Shop

Small Japanese Blossom NL

Large Apple Tree NL Quick Shop

Large Apple Tree NL

Small Blossom Earrings Quick Shop

Small Blossom Earrings

Mushroom Brooch Quick Shop

Mushroom Brooch

Shady Tree Brooch Quick Shop

Shady Tree Brooch

Large Leafy Tree Earrings Quick Shop

Large Leafy Tree Earrings

Small Cherry Blossom NL Quick Shop

Small Cherry Blossom NL

Small Stitches Earrings Quick Shop

Small Stitches Earrings

Large Stitches ER Quick Shop

Large Stitches ER

Large Autumn Tree NL Quick Shop

Large Autumn Tree NL

Small Spring Tree ER Quick Shop

Small Spring Tree ER

English Box Branch ER Quick Shop

English Box Branch ER

Small Autumn Tree NL Quick Shop

Small Autumn Tree NL

Small Apple Tree Earrings Quick Shop

Small Apple Tree Earrings

Large Cherry Blossom NL Quick Shop

Large Cherry Blossom NL

Small Cherry Blossom ER Quick Shop

Small Cherry Blossom ER

Large Spring Tree ER Quick Shop

Large Spring Tree ER

Small Leafy Tree ER Quick Shop

Small Leafy Tree ER

Large Apple Tree ER Quick Shop

Large Apple Tree ER

Fuchsia Drop Necklace Quick Shop

Fuchsia Drop Necklace

Large Japanese Blossom ER Quick Shop

Large Japanese Blossom ER

Large Cherry Blossum ER Quick Shop

Large Cherry Blossum ER

Large Little Leave NL Quick Shop

Large Little Leave NL

Small Apple Tree NL Quick Shop

Small Apple Tree NL

Large PopOut Leaves ER Quick Shop

Large PopOut Leaves ER

Large Little Leaves ER Quick Shop

Large Little Leaves ER

Large Stitches NL Quick Shop

Large Stitches NL

Large PopOut Leaves NL Quick Shop

Large PopOut Leaves NL

Large Japanese Blossom NL Quick Shop

Large Japanese Blossom NL

Large Autumn Tree ER Quick Shop

Large Autumn Tree ER

Large Spring Tree NL Quick Shop

Large Spring Tree NL

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