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International Homelessness Day
10 October 2018

International Homelessness Day

In Australia, around 105,000 people are homeless. This includes those sleeping in improvised dwellings, cars, tents or sleeping rough. From these numbers, 1,073 are children under the age of 12 years old, and there is an increase in domestic violence victims and elderly widows on the streets.

That's where Sleepbus comes in. The charity, created by Simon Rowe, converts old buses into safe, temporary overnight accommodation offering a night off the street and support until individuals are able to get back on their feet. 

After a profound experience with a homeless man, Simon left his career in the corporate world and founded the charity. "I developed the Sleepbus solution after I saw a homeless man in Melbourne trying to sleep during the day on the street, while people stepped over him," said Simon. 

Simon is now fundraising money to build his next bus; The Pink Bus. This service will provide shelter for people affected by domestic violence, and a safe place, particularly for mothers and children. 

It is inspirational to learn about people like Simon who have taken the initiative to create a positive impact on our community and solutions for homelessness.

To donate to Sleepbus and help raise funds towards the completion of the pink bus please click the link to read more and donate.

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MFW | Shop The Looks
5 September 2018

MFW | Shop The Looks

As the festivities are in full swing at Melbourne Fashion Week, we re-cap on the eventful launch day where ELK featured in two street runway shows.

On Friday 31st August, we were proud and honoured to sit front row as a selection of ELK looks from our summer 18 IDENTITY collection walked the Street Runway held in Howey Place, Melbourne.

Styled by MFW stylist, Sarah Banger and our Co-Founder, Marnie Goding, we have detailed each look from the runway featuring a mix of our current pieces, along with some soon to be released styles.

Look 1 - Cubo Print Dress, Cubo Print Scarf, Bruny Slides, Bedarra Small Bag and Kire Resin Bangles.

Look 2 - Linen Jumpsuit, Bruny Slides, Bedarra Small Bag, Kire Bangles and soon to be released Eren Earrings. (for pre-orders on the Eren Earrings please email

Look 3 - Vekki Pleated Top, Bruny Slides, Tejer Basket Bag, Lanai Resin Bangles and our soon to be released Papel Pants and Eren Earrings.  (for pre-orders on the  Papel Pants and Eren Earrings please email

Look 4 - Tekstur Maxi Dress, Bremer Platform Sandal, Modelo Small Bag and Hvar Circle Earrings. 

Look 5 - Hvar Earrings, Modelo Small Bag, Dapple Box Top, Cubo Print Skirt and Bruny Slides.

Look 6 - Vekki Pleated Top, Tekstur Midi Skirt, Hvar Earrings, Tejer Basket Bag and Bremer Platform Sandals

Look 7 - Vekki Pleated Dress, Norfolk Sneakers, Ferrara Resin Bangles, Modelo Small Bag and soon to be released Flyte Shirt.  (for pre-orders on the Flyte Shirt please email

See below for some behind the scenes on the day.

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Boomerang Bags at ELK
3 September 2018

Boomerang Bags at ELK

We recently discovered an inspiring not for profit organisation called Boomerang Bags. This impressive group of likeminded people originally started as a community group in Burleigh Heads, Queensland with the vision to help reduce the need for plastic bags at supermarkets around the country. Since then, the community-based project now has groups making reusable bags all around the world!

Inspired by their incredible work and passion, we recently hosted a Boomerang Bags crafternoon session at ELK HQ, upcycling fabrics from past ELK Collections to create Boomerang Bags.

We welcome you to help reduce your plastic footprint and support this wonderful initiative - simply donate $3 to receive an original ELK-made reusable Boomerang Bag. This offer is available until stock runs out at our ELK Stores located at 182 Little Collins Street, Melbourne +613 8609 1247 or 395 Plenty Road, Preston, ph: 61 39478 1800.

All proceeds will go back to our local Boomerang Bags Group in Preston and Thornbury to help them purchase much-needed thread and inks to continue their wonderful work.

To get involved in a local making workshop find more information via the following links:


Instagram @boomerangbags

Or visit their soon to be launched website at

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Walk to Give | Pawgust
8 August 2018

Walk to Give | Pawgust

Are you up for the challenge to walk your dog 30 minutes a day for 30 days this August? Join us in supporting Guide Dogs Australia for Pawgust!

Walk your dog to the ELK Preston or ELK Little Collins Street stores and your furry friend will receive a personal fitting of an ELK x Guide Dogs collar and lead and receive free embossing with every collar or lead purchased. 

We would love to share in your walk! Upload a photo to ELK Instagram of your furry friend on your daily 30-minute walk and tag us @elkthelabel #pawgustatelk.
100% of proceeds of our handcrafted, high-quality durable leather collars and leads go directly to Guide Dog's Australia to assist in raising funds for special projects and ongoing resources. 

Pawgust is the perfect excuse to stay active this winter and spend some quality time with your dog, while supporting a great cause. 

To learn more on this wonderful initiative and register and donate directly to Guide Dogs Australia, click on the link:    

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ELK Tales - Meet The Maker - Wooden Jewellery
25 June 2018

ELK Tales - Meet The Maker - Wooden Jewellery

 ELK Tales - Meet The Maker - Wooden Jewellery

We recently took a trip to Cebu, Philippines to visit our longtime friend and supplier of ELK’s sustainable wooden jewellery collection, Christine Hamoy-Kintanar.

Based in Mandaue City, Cebu in the Philippines Christine is an active member of the Go Green organisation and she assists in the running of numerous, local charitable organisations. She was a key driver for the relief team after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 working tirelessly in the Malapascua Island region and has continued in the redevelopment and resettlement of this area.

Over the years, we have built a wonderful relationship with Christine who has become an (unofficial!) part of our family. She has triumphed at running her own business and at building a successful program to train and educate people from poor and slum areas giving them traditional handicraft skills that equip them with techniques and knowledge to work either within her business or with other companies. 

During our recent visit, we asked Christine some questions about her relationship with ELK, the secrets to the success of her thriving business and her approach to sustainability and ethics. 

You have worked with ELK since you both started in 2004, how did you meet?
We met at the Manila FAME October Edition of 2005. [A premier design and lifestyle event, Manila FAME is a bi-annual showcase of craftsmanship, design innovation, and artisanship from Philippine makers].

We would love to know more about Earthworks and how you have successfully run your business all these years?
I could not take all the credit, that's for sure. :) and we wouldn't be here now had it not been for Adam & Marnie [ELK Co-Founders]. But one thing is for sure, instinct played a huge part along with hard work. That and the sensibility to seek advice and learn from other people not only experts in their fields but from the staff and our suppliers. As a decision maker,  judgment calls are almost always an everyday occurrence, especially in the manufacturing industry. Yes, there were times I had doubted myself, and the industry, but that doubt helped me become a more practical and pragmatic decision maker. One thing for sure, it is not only design and product quality that makes a company but more importantly, integrity.

After working with the ELK design team on a new design what are the key steps that go into making a product?
Being handmade, to produce a single product goes through a lot of people. From the WOODWORKERS who shape each piece, the COLOUR technician, be it dye or stain or spray, to the ALLOCATOR who collects each component and part in that single product to give to the woman who STRINGS & ASSEMBLES the jewellery. Don't forget, the Quality Control staff in between each process to make sure that each part is just as our client want. I would say, it takes at least 7-12 people to produce one single piece of jewellery depending on design complexity.

How does your company, Earthworks, approach sustainability in your production and the broader industry?
Very seriously. And in any company, it must be initiated by management. With that said, it is quite a challenge. Sustainability is collaborative - it needs other people who sometimes do not value that as much. Sustainability is an attitude and until that changes, only then can it be fully achieved. But like any other goal, despite the challenges, we keep moving forward one step at a time starting in the workplace.

Tell us about some of the initiatives you have in place to create an ethical and supportive work environment for your team?
We adhere to government-mandated labour standards (minimum wage, social security, national health insurance) we provide free medical including eye check-ups, and additional medical insurance for regular employees. Most of all we treat everyone with respect and dignity. We provide a work environment that they want to come to every day not only for the pay but because they enjoy showing up for work. We continue to explore how we can give back to them and hopefully, on our 15th year anniversary next year we will have launched a sustainable scholarship program not only for our staff but children of women who have assembled our jewellery over the years.

Can you tell us a bit about how you recruit new staff and how you train them?
Our hiring process is on a grassroots level, we hire people already in the industry through word of mouth. Usual background checks and vetting and if recruited, our new staff are given the routine orientation on company policies and work culture.

To learn more about Christine and her company Earthworks, click here and to shop our sustainable wooden jewellery collection, click here. 

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Elk Insider - Meet the ELK Little Collins Team
20 June 2018

Elk Insider - Meet the ELK Little Collins Team

We are a proud, Melbourne design label and want to share with you more about Elk, what happens behind the scenes and introduce you to the people who make our brand tick.

We have an amazing team of creative women who are passionate advocates for Australian fashion. Having a flagship store in the heart of the city precinct gives us valuable one on one time with every person who visits.

We will regularly share new stories in Elk Insiders and for our debut feature, we shine the spotlight on the ELK Little Collins Store team. Two of our crew Sam and Haruko share some of their styling advice, highlight their top picks for the season and let us in on some of their favourite Melbourne CBD hangouts.

We look forward to seeing you at 182 Little Collins Street Melbourne very soon.
We met with our Little Collins Store Assistant Manager, Sam to hear about some of her styling advice, her top picks for the season and expose some of Sam’s favourite Melbourne CBD hangouts.

What are the five key winter items every wardrobe should have?
o A great pair of jeans that will take you from 9 to 9
o A trench style winter coat either mid-thigh or mid-calf length
o Leather boots are a must
o A coloured scarf to contrast all the greys and blacks of winter
o A fun chunky knit to keep you warm

What do you think is unique about ELK's approach to customer service?
Each one of our customers are part of the Elk family and our way of welcoming them into our store is like getting a visit from a relative. The wonderful thing about our customer service is that nothing is ever too much we will happily do anything at all to accommodate, assist and always reach above and beyond for every member of our Elk family.

What are your two favourite pieces from the current collection?
The Terra Peep Toe Boot and the Chale Wrap

Tell us three of your favourite places in the CBD
o Paint and Powder in the Royal Arcade
o The Waiters club restaurant
o The Paperback bookshop 

 Our friendly retail crew are running one-on-one styling appointments at our 395 Plenty Road Preston store and at our 182 Little Collins Street Melbourne store. They are taking appointments and offering assistance with styling, fitting and accessorising and are happy to work with you to find a particular outfit or to work on understanding your wardrobe needs.

To book your session please email your preferred store at the below email addresses.

Little Collins: Email Sam and April at
Preston: Email Roxy and Leah at 


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World Oceans Day
8 June 2018

World Oceans Day

At ELK we are passionate about having a positive impact on the world we live in today and the world our children will inherit. On June 8, we are celebrating World Oceans Day to help bring awareness to our global oceans and the devastating impact that plastic is having on marine wildlife.

 We look to amazing organizations and individuals leading efforts such as Tangaroa Blue , Take 3 For The Sea and Parley TV. We are on an all-encompassing sustainable journey to reduce our environmental impact and support our oceans. At ELK, we are working hard behind the scenes to reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle our waste. We have been overwhelmed by the amazing people who have created eco-initiatives to help business like ours manage and reduce our waste. Together, we are finding solutions to source materials for our products and packaging that are renewable, recycled, sustainably certified, recyclable or biodegradable. Our goal is to eliminate plastic packaging from our business and products.

We have lots of exciting initiatives in the works, to keep up to date with our journey, please see more on our ethics page


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ELK Tales - Marnie Goding
10 May 2018

ELK Tales - Marnie Goding

To celebrate Mother’s Day we took some time out with ELK Co-Founder and Creative Director Marnie Goding and her two beautiful children to learn about the inspiration behind her creative endeavours, how she balances a creative life with motherhood and the words of wisdom she will pass on to her children.

Words of wisdom your mother taught you?

Mum is an amazing, positive influence and has an incredible sense of calm. She is incredibly supportive but the best thing she has taught me is how to laugh. She and I can laugh until we cry - we did with her mum too and now Willow shares the same sense of humour and an ability to laugh (at ourselves mostly!).

Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood with your mother?

Mum is a botanical artist and generally the most incredibly creative person I know. The fondest memories are of her teaching me to sew, how to make things like papier mache, work with flowers amongst other things – at the time I remember thinking, and it is still true now, that there isn’t anything she doesn’t know how to do and she always does everything absolutely perfectly.

How does your career influence how you approach motherhood?

Adam and I have built a business based on creativity. We are fortunate to travel and are constantly looking for variety and new inspiration and so I approach our children with the same ideals. Whilst we run on tight routines we realise our kids are sponges and are looking always for new experiences, to see new places and adding as much inspiration and exposure to newness as we can is important…..we are writing the first chapter of their lives.

 Balancing a business and children, what is your number one piece of advice?

I, like many people, when you have your own business and decide to have kids, had a romantic notion of being able to work with my kids sitting quietly beside me. I learnt early on that this never works and you cannot focus on both at the same time. When you are working you are working and when you are with the kids they are your sole focus. So my advice is to pick one focus at that moment and don’t try to look after both! 

View our new season arrivals here xx

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ELK Tales - Megan Weston
9 May 2018

ELK Tales - Megan Weston

Based in the beautiful coastal town of Barwon Heads, Victoria, visual artist Megan Weston, draws inspiration from the natural environment using aerial photography as her inspiration to a create a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours. We sat down with Megan to learn more about how she balances a creative life with being a Mum.

 Words of wisdom your mother taught you?

‘Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you’ this quote used to hang on our childhood home wall and sits well with me as a daily reminder to always seek the positive and turn your back on the negative - words to live by.

Do you have a favourite memory of your mother from your childhood?

So many to choose from but the one that stands out was the time my sister and I set up a ‘restaurant/shop’ and we would have free reign in the kitchen where we would cook probably the most awful food and mum used to play along as the customer! Mind you, she never sent anything back to the kitchen, even though I’m sure a weetbix cake was the most horrible thing on the menu. Ha!

How does your career influence how you approach motherhood?

The way I have set up my business is purely for the flexibility of running the household so I can be there for the kids when they need me.

Balancing a business and children, what is your number 1 piece of advice?

Hire a house cleaner and outsource any jobs you don’t have time for, prioritise your day and be flexible.

What's next for Megan Weston?

There’s always something in the pipeline! I am working on a new body of work that will be released very soon, exciting times ahead.

View more of Megan’s beautiful work here.

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ELK Tales - Kip & Co
3 May 2018

ELK Tales - Kip & Co

We are excited to introduce Alex, Kate and Hayley, the talented creators behind the bright, colourful and vibrant lifestyle brand, Kip & Co.

We sat down with the Kip & Co trio to learn more about what inspires them and the words of wisdom their mothers taught them.

 Words of wisdom my mother taught me?

It’s hard to remember exact words as our mum passed away when I was 14 but I know that while she invested every bit of her being in us kids she made a real effort always with Dad and keeping their relationship strong. It’s easy to forget the fellas some days but I’ll never forget that they gave each other a kiss every morning and night as Dad came and went to work and I’ve tried to have this as a minimum, combined with a family dinner at the table. They pushed “grace”, which I’ve dropped, but the sentiment of love and gratitude isn’t lost. – Kate

Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood with your mother?
Kate and I are sisters and our Mum passed away around the age we are now. I have so many great memories of Mum although it’s been a long time since she passed away and I was relatively young. Mostly I remember fondly Mum out in the garden tending to her beautiful flowers and plants early in the morning before we even got out of bed. She had been up, run 5km and then was busy weeding and planting. Her energy and vitality, even with 4 children, was phenomenal. She also had the best wardrobe and we had fun looking through all her shoe boxes beautifully stacked on shelves and parading around in her heels. - Hayley.

How does your career influence how you approach motherhood?
My brand-spanking new baby Quincy joined the Kip&Co family from day dot. In the best possible way, there is very little separation between work-life and home-life at Kip&Co, which is great from my perspective because it means all our families are incredibly close, and parenting Quincy will be shared with my business partners when we are in the office! We all love having action-packed lives, so I’ll continue to stay busy and active, and bring Quincy along for the joy ride. - Alex

Balancing a business and children, what is your number 1 piece of advice?
Make sure you have supportive business partners who are friends first, colleagues second. Your health, happiness and family are always priority. - Alex

What's next for Kip & Co?
We have an action packed 2018 with kids apparel launching, a collaboration with an iconic brand, plus multiple new collections filled with loads of new product and lots of delicious colour and texture. - Alex 

Shop Alex, Kate and Hayley’s favourite ELK look's, by clicking here. Take a look at the Kip&Co's colourful life on Instagram @kipandco

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ELK Tales - Katherine Sabbath
1 May 2018

ELK Tales - Katherine Sabbath

 We recently met with some of our favourite creative women to learn more about the inspiration behind their endeavours.

Well known for her iconic and well-loved cakes and recipes, we met with the unique cake creative, Katherine Sabbath, along with her wonderful mum, Yen.  

Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood with your mother?

I remember always loving going grocery shopping with my mother, and being mesmerised by all of the colours and shapes of fresh and packaged foods showcased in the aisles. She would pop me in the child seat of the shopping trolley and sneakily grab me a few green beans to munch on while in the grocery store. I loved green beans and they always kept me occupied! I learned everything about picking and preparing fresh produce from my Mother.

What was your mother's response when you decided to go out on your own in the creative field?

Of course, your parents only want what's best for you, so when I decided to pursue self-employment in a non-traditional career (home baking and cake teaching), they were worried about my financial well-being. I'm glad they taught me how to manage money, because these skills helped me to carefully plan my career change without too much financial strain. After attending some of my cake demonstrations and seeing me through the process of self-publishing my first cookbook, "Katherine Sabbath - Greatest Hits", they couldn't be more proud of what I've achieved so far, and excited about the kinds of projects a career of this nature can create. Needless to say, I'm incredibly grateful for my Mother's support!

Did you learn to cook from your mother?

My Mother is a wonderful cook and is always experimenting with exciting new flavours and cooking techniques. When it comes to food, she instilled in me the value of trying everything before judging, so growing up, I was exposed to a plethora of flavours and cuisines, and always had a curiosity about ingredients. I'm very lucky to have been given such a diverse palette from a young age! I love watching my Mother cook, but I love eating her food even more.

What qualities do you most admire in your mother?

My mother Yen, is extraordinarily patient and compassionate. Her love and acceptance of others is a quality I hugely admire. She just has this profound capacity to love other people and she never judges others without knowing their backstory. Her quiet resilience is another quality which surprises me almost every day. I've learned more from my Mother than I'll ever know!

When did you decide you wanted to bake professionally?

Leaving my full-time role as a High School Teacher was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make in my life but so far, it’s also proven to be the most rewarding and exciting! After people found my work on Instagram and started reaching out to me with opportunities I just couldn’t turn down, it became difficult to satisfy both passions at the same time and to the best of my ability. It’s been fantastic because now I am able to teach people from all walks of life, in all different types of learning environments and also manage to keep in contact with my old students.

What's next for Katherine Sabbath?

My focus is on supporting and inspiring the home baking community through new ideas, recipes, and skills. I'd love to publish another cookbook and also work on my video editing skills, so that I can make some cake decorating tutorials. Watch this space!

You can keep in touch through my website (, Instagram (@katherine_sabbath), and Facebook page (Katherine Sabbath).

Shop Katherine and Yen’s favourite ELK outfits, by clicking here


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ELK Loves Local - Chocolatier
29 March 2018

ELK Loves Local - Chocolatier

At ELK, we love all things local and our friends at Chocolatier are one of our favourite local businesses.

Sharing the same values as ELK, where family is the foundation of their business, this Ivanhoe based chocolate company use artisan methods in the crafting of fine chocolates, pralines and truffles.

With a vision to manufacture premium chocolates using the world’s finest ingredients, backed by outstanding customer service, Chocolatier has been a chocolate lovers heaven for over 30 years.
Sustainability is also a key initiative across the brand with water and energy use being at an absolute minimum.

Chocolatier also recycles as much as possible and are a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant, an agreement that ensures continued a commitment to relieving landfills.

We have worked with Chocolatier over the past few years and the quality of their chocolates and customer service is second to none.

If you are based in Melbourne, make sure to drop by either of our ELK Retail Stores on Saturday for a complimentary chocolate egg treat from Chocolatier! Click here for ELK store details.

We are proud to support this locally based company who share their chocolates globally whilst retaining a successful, family-based business where a sense of community is central to their success.

To discover more about Chocolatier, click here.  

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Unicef - Double the Donation
1 December 2017

Unicef - Double the Donation

Elk is proud to be a Platinum Champion for Children since 2011. Thanks to your generosity in contributing to our Elk online donation matching initiative, we have been able to donate over $160,000 to support UNICEF's work for children around the world.

This Christmas we are excited to announce that we will double your donation! For every $2 you donate we will donate $4! To donate, simply purchase from our Elk online store and at checkout select the ‘Donate $2 to UNICEF' option.

UNICEF is the United Nations Children's Fund, the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realised. Working in 190 countries and territories with a focus on improving the lives of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children, UNICEF has worked tirelessly for over 70 years to improve the lives of children and their families.

Your donation can help transform the lives of children around the world. Every day 16,000 children die from preventable diseases. Yet clean water to drink and bathe in, improved sanitation, routine childhood immunisation and good, nutritious food are all simple solutions to combat this.

Your donation contributes to UNICEF programs such as:

• Improve access to healthcare, safe water and sanitation and are the world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing countries.
• Ensure quality education for girls and boys.
• Protect children from violence and exploitation.
• Guarantee that the world’s children are not malnourished.
• Give all children everywhere access to the rights they deserve.

Thanks for being part of the Elk x UNICEF donation initiative. Shop here to donate.

Marnie Goding & Adam Koniaras xx 

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Movember at Elk
2 November 2017

Movember at Elk

At Elk, family is at the heart of everything we do. Everyone has a father, partner, brother, son or friend who at some time in their life is affected by a men’s health issue. At Mr Elk, we are on a mission this #Movember to create some seriously impressive Mo's to help support Men's Health. Our Mr Elk Crew is rising to the challenge to support the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year round.

Meet our Mr Elk Men of #Movember and their Mo Heros and help us support this important cause.

Eddie is the ringleader of Mr Elk’s Mo team and as is fitting of a leader, his moustache goal is inspired by the one and only Australian Mo King, Merv Hughes. Eddie has joined #Movember because he would like to help raise funds and awareness for men's health. Eddie hopes that as this event becomes more popular and well known so that more men can become comfortable talking about their issues (mental and physical), rather than keeping them to themselves. Also, this is Eddie's first attempt at growing a moustache and he and his friends are looking forward to having a laugh at his progress. 


Heroic Australian geologist, Antarctic explorer and academic, Sir Douglas Mawson, is the moustache hero of Elk Co-founder and Director, Adam. Already ahead of the game with his facial hair growth, Adam is on a mo-mission to achieve a refined yet bushy 'Chevron' style Mo by the end of #Movember. Adam has joined our Mr Elk Mo Crew with the ambition to encourage his employees and fellow gents to talk more. Like many of us, Adam has experienced the challenge of expressing his thoughts and emotions from time and believes #Movember provides a great environment to talk about men's health issues with family and employees to raise awareness of common challenges. 

Family man Linn from our warehouse team is looking forward to growing his Johnny Depp inspired moustache, a neat and lean version of the Chevron style. Linn has joined #Movember because he believes it is a great way to spread the word on the importance of having open conversations with friends and family and always listening and giving time to everyone. 

We are excited to watch Elk old timer Jordan’s Mo progress as he endeavours to grow an ambitious moustache, known as the "Walrus" style, just like his Mo Hero, Ned Flanders. Jordan supports #Movember because he believes it is important to make man time with his mates and to check in on a regular basis.

Hailing all the way from Canada, Owen from our warehouse team has taken on the mo-mentous challenge of growing a Mo just like his hero, Tom Selleck. We are hoping when we photograph his Mo achievement at the end of #Movember he will style his Mo in homage to 80's retro fashion with a Canadian Suit otherwise known as the top to toe denim look.  Owen has joined the Mr Elk Mo team to do his part in raising awareness of the importance of having honest conversations with friends and family on a regular basis.

Follow our Mr Elk Crew through their mojourney on Instagram @mr_elk and pledge your donation here.

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Introducing Mikey Andersson
27 October 2017

Introducing Mikey Andersson

Mr Elk recently teamed up with local photographer Mikey Andersson and a curation of ethical Australian brands including Seljak, Will and Bear and Mr Simple on an adventure photo shoot to some of Tasmania’s most breathtaking locations. We sat down with Mikey to find out more about his creative life and a recent trip to Tasmania.

Tell us a bit about yourself; what made you choose the path of being a photographer?

I was born in Sweden, though I have spent many years travelling. Traveling the world has had a huge impact on me and has shaped me in many ways. It also led me to Australia back in 2005 where I instantly fell in love with the sun, surf and relaxed lifestyle of a small NSW coastal town. In 2012 I was fortunate enough to become a citizen of this amazing country.

From a young age, I have always had a vivid imagination and I loved creating images based on the characters and stories I came up with in my head. I would draw these characters always conscious of creating depth using light and shadows. At the age of 11, my grandfather gave me my first lesson and introduced me to my first camera. It was an original Polaroid and I remember thinking how the concept of freezing a moment in time by introducing light to a little black box was the coolest thing ever.

Since then I have always loved taking photos. However, it wasn’t until I discovered digital photography and photoshop that my passion for creating images through photography went from being a passion to also being a career.

I am now a commercial photographer specialising in fashion and advertising. Creating images still remains about telling a story. The story is often about a brands identity and creating images that convey the mood, values and voice of that brand. However, I am still inspired by fictional characters and stories that I create in my mind and this gives birth to creative shoots and collaborations. I try and do as many personal assignments as I can to fuel my creativity and keep things interesting.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually start my day with some kind of physical activity. Just getting my body moving and getting my head right. It used to be surfing, but since moving to Melbourne my surfing has sadly taken some hits. The days when
I’m shooting, it’s all about the shoot. I don’t see or pay attention to much else. If I don’t have a shoot on, I will probably spend the day planning for one or editing.

What is one of the best work assignments you have been on?

I have been fortunate to work on some pretty amazing projects with great brands. However, I think this recent trip to Tasmania was definitely one of my favourite assignments so far.

Tell us about your recent Tasmania trip, how did it come about and who was the brands/team involved?

The idea of the trip was born around a fire pit in the backyard of a Melbourne coastal town. The conversation quickly gathered momentum once the suggestion of an adventure trip was put on the table. The shared passion for exploration and braving the elements in search of surf and solitude connected everyone who sat around the fire pit that night. Obviously, my mind went wild with the possibilities of photographically documenting an adventure trip to Tasmania.

I decided to involve brands including Seljak, Will and Bear, Mr Elk and Mr Simple, as they all shared our passion for exploration, as well as strong ethical values about their footprint on the earth. Seljak, for example, creates amazing recycled wool blankets using offcuts from the factory floor of Australia’s oldest mill and Will & Bear plants 10 trees for every hat sold. Mr Elk ensures the quality of their products is made sustainably and ethically, they endeavour to be aware of the impact they have on the environment and also the communities who create their products.

We left Melbourne on a cool August evening; our convoy of 3 land rovers filled with excited adventurers crossed the Bass Strait with a rough plan of our week ahead.

I had obviously scouted some spots that I thought would be ideal for photos, but we wanted to just let the trip evolve naturally. Firstly, we headed North-east, where we found beautiful beaches, blue skies and 20 degree days, definitely not what any of us were expecting from a winter Tassie trip.

The colourful scenery of Freycinet National Park (Wine Glass Bay) at sunrise was a great hiking adventure creating the perfect backdrop for some stunning photos. As we headed south, so did the temperature, and the Tasmanian winter showed its true colours.

We explored Mt Wellington’s snowcapped mountains where Will and Bear’s beanies and Seljak’s wool blankets kept us all warm. My favourite part of the trip was crossing over to the west coast. The landscape is absolutely amazing and there is literally a photo opportunity waiting behind every turn. We set up camp one night in the middle of nowhere after getting a little lost and having crossed a number of vast open fields. It was one of those places where you truly felt a great absence of civilisation. Nothing but ancient wilderness surrounding you in every direction. For me, I think that moment was what made the trip. That was what I had hoped to find when first starting to plan this trip, absolute solitude.

Any new exciting projects coming up?

I have a few projects in the pipeline at the moment. I feel like my photography has really evolved in the last year and I am really excited about the direction it is going.

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Elk on The Grace Tales
23 October 2017

Elk on The Grace Tales

We are excited to share a recent ELK feature on The Grace Tales – the globally renowned blog created for the stylish mother with inspiring style and inspiring stories. See an excerpt below from the feature and click the link below to see the full article -

"For Melbourne-based accessories label Elk, running a business is a case of combining family, passion and a social conscience. Founder Marnie Goding works alongside husband Adam to create a quintessentially Australian brand that is inspired by Scandinavian design, creating everything from jewellery to clothing and handbags, including the recent addition of swimwear to their hefty stable of products...

The busy mother of two credits her marketing background and childhood as the driving factors to creating a business that has grown steadily since its inception in 2004, most recently winning the Telstra Medium Business of the Year award, which celebrates the brand’s commitment to Australian design, independent fashion and ethically sourced materials. So how does the business creative make marriage, children and business all co-exist? “It’s about playing to each other’s strengths and supporting each other when it’s most needed. Good communication and time away from the business to talk is also important. Having an external and impartial advisor to help us navigate some of the tougher times has also been great. I have great respect for Adam and each of us have learnt when to let the other person take the lead.”

Read on to hear more from Marnie on her business highs and lows, how she uses enthusiasm to tackle motherhood challenges and why building a brand is all about being slow, steady and well-prepared… 

Read more on the Grace Tales Blog 

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Stockist Feature - Perican Bing
18 October 2017

Stockist Feature - Perican Bing

We are excited to welcome a new independent boutique to the Elk family, Perican Bing in Portland, USA. This light filled store is stocked with a beautiful curation of homewares and apparel. Owners Dominga and Lynne both come from well-established marketing and buying careers and have teamed their talents with a passion to create the unique shopping experience of Perican Bing. We spoke with co-owner Dominga Ramirez to find out more about her life and Perican Bing.

1. What is the one word that describes Perican Bing the best?


2. What does a day at work at Perican Bing consist of?

The day starts with a strong coffee, then perusing news, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I force myself to balance the creative part I love—merchandising, creating content, styling, etc. with the operational needs, like inventory management, marketing and tackling my epic To Do list! 

3. Favourite travel item?

It is a tie between my Tempurpedic eye mask and my poncho. Both are always with me when I travel.

4. Describe in five words or less your ideal day

Sunday NYT, Coffee, Quiet, Sun

5. What is on your bucket list of travel destinations?

Now that Cuba is open to travel from the US, it’s definitely on my list. I’ll make my Mom give me dancing lessons first, though!

6. If you were stranded on an island and could only take one item with you, what would it be?

Trivial Pursuit game. May as well use my time wisely.

7. If you could have any 5 people over for dinner who would they be?

If choosing from who’s currently alive, then I’d say the author Meg Wolitzer, Dolly Parton, Issa Rae, Pamela Adlon and Elizabeth Warren. Guess it’s a ladies night!

8. What is your spirit animal?

My mom, daughter and I have kind of a fascination with moths. We’ve had a few come into the store that we’re pretty sure are someone we once knew.

9. Favourite Elk item this season?

The wool cape. It instantly pulls any outfit together and is versatile enough to work with jeans, dresses and even joggers.

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Elk Wins Telstra National Medium Business Award
28 August 2017

We Won!

We are so excited to announce that ELK has won the 2017 Telstra National Medium Business of the Year Award.

We are proud to have been the only Victorian business to win a national award and we were so honoured to share the night with some of the most inspiring, creative independent businesses in Australia. Together we are contributing to our community and economy and the chance to celebrate the entrepreneurial, hard working Australian spirit was truly wonderful.

We all should be proud of the more than two million small and medium businesses who are Australia's major employers and the spirit of our country. For us it is time to celebrate and reflect on the past 13 years and thank you for your support, for championing Australian business and for joining us on our journey.

Here's to the future! 

Marnie and Adam xx 

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